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Title: Ich suche jemand. Bitte helfe...
Mein Name ist Barry von den Niederlanden.

Diesen Dong war ein Superfestival als immer!

Aber, ich suche jetzt nur nach einem schönen Mädchen, Eva aus Aachen. Kennt jemand seine E-mail Adresse versehentlich??? Ich wünsche etwas zu Fragen. Danke sehr...

Stay heavy!

(wenn niemand ihr kennt, kann diesen Thema geschlossen worden...)
hey man.
I'll check with my brother's friends from Aachen and let you know as soon as possible... no later than at our camp at Wacken Wink

See you in a few weeks!

- Insa
Thanks a lot Insa Smile

My German isn't very good, but I thought I might try here Wink

Anyway, I'll be awaiting anxiously for any news!!!! And thanks in forward.
do you have anymore details on what she looked liked?
She was dressed in black mostly Tongue

I guess she is about 1.80 - 1.85 tall, quite thin.
Clear brown eyes, long black hair (a little curly) a little longer than mine. Hmm, if it's forwarded it reached over the chest. (for hte ones that don't know me Wink )
Maybe the easiest thing is her piercing in her lip. It was a ring, but it wasn't fully closed, it was an open ring.

If I remember well a girlfriend of her was called Sophia (or Sofia, don't know what's the spelling)

I've been really stupid to forget to ask for her number or e-mail Sad

ich sag eva das du sie suchst....sie kann dir ja was ins forum schreiben....
Danke sehr Maleficio...

Ich wolte sehr gerne ein e-mail oder etwas haben. Ich kann meine frage nicht hier am forum schreiben Smile
Don't ask her to marry you Tongue

Also, she'll prolly send you a personal message here Wink
Zitat:Original von Insanity
Don't ask her to marry you Tongue

Who knows Tongue Tongue Nah, it's not that Wink
A PM would be fine as well Smile
*still awaiting anxiously* Smile

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