Normale Version: wanted 2 car seats between Venlo and the festival
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Hello my name is guido, I'm from Netherlands
My German is not very great so therefore this message in English.
I am looking for 2 free places in a car, (so for 2 people and some luggage).

we get from (Venlo, Netherlands) - A central point that dissociated it reach by public transport. Or perhaps a meeting point.

Do you have maybe a spot or you know someone who might also have a spot on?
let me know

you can email me at:

Greetz guido !

Here is map from were we travel into germany,+Th...12&start=0
Je weet toch dat je van Venlo station rechtstreeks naar Neukirchen-Vluyn gaan kan met de Duitse bus?
Die rijdt wel niet elk uur.